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Chisholm TAFE Pathway Programs


Chisholm TAFE has pathway programs with Deakin University, Monash, Swinburne and La Trobe University or continue at TAFE.

Partner Degrees:

  1. Bachelor of Accounting with La Trobe University
  2. Bachelor of Information Technology with La Trobe University
  3. Bachelor of Early Childhood Education with Deakin University

Also, Chisholm TAFE offers their own Degree Programs

  1. Bachelor of Community Mental Health, Alcohol and Other DRugs
  2. Bachelor of Interactive Media Design
  3. Bachelor of Engineering Technology

For further information, please contact Australian Education and Management Consultants


MIBT – Deakin Pathway


MIBT is the alternative pathway into Deakin University Undergraduate and Postgraduate Degrees. MIBT is equivalent to the first year of Bachelor Degree.

Why you choose MIBT?

- Smaller Class sizes and able to experience one-on-one interaction with the lecturers

- Complete Bachelors Degree within 2 years and 8 months

- MIBT is located in a university environment

- Low Course fees  compared to University

Courses at MIBT:

  1. Diploma of Commerce
  2. Diploma of Computing
  3. Diploma of Engineering
  4. Diploma of Health Sciences
  5. Diploma of Management
  6. Diploma of Media and Communications
  7. Diploma of Science

For more information, please contact Australian Education and Management Consultants







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