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    This sounds impossible right? But my aunt who has been huge smoker until recently, suddenly stopped because she forgot she was actually a smoker.She has Alzheimer’s disease, this isn’t what stopped her, in fact she was smoking heavily because she lost tabs on just how many she smoked every day. The ashtrays and smokes in their environment were a constant reminder.However she fell and broke her hip. Following a week in hospital she asked her husband for any smoke. He replied, why would you will want smoke? You quit 2 decades ago. She just agreed and hasn’t smoked since.A little deceptive, certainly, yet in the interests of her health, he did a similar when she came home and she requested alcohol. Alright, so what happened to her nicotine cravings, developed from fifty years being a heavy smoker.Surely she would of had strong uncomfortable feelings, maybe angry, perhaps weird sensations in her own stomach, it might be expected that though her short term memory was poor she can have enjoyed a bank of memories of smoking previously, but she had none of those.Does Alzheimer’s negate the outcome of nicotine? which according to many is definitely the a very addictive drug that causes strong withdrawal symptoms, so strong that many smokers make an effort to quit more than once before finally succeeding. These what is known as physical symptoms should persist regardless of memory.The truth is It’s hardly surprising she felt no cravings, it’s since the real cravings are powerful subconscious connections to smoking, not some chemical addiction over for which you have no control.Don’t think it? Then think for a minute about when would you smoke? After food, coffee, on the phone, when driving, if you want to believe, etc etc. Precisely what do these things relate to nicotine?There may be an alternate way to forget to smoke, one other way to be free of the clutches of cigarettes, while not having to have trouble with cold turkey, plaster toxic patches in your body or maybe take mind bending pharmaceuticals.Hypnosis is definitely the solution, the safe fast method to affect the memory as part of your unconscious. It could be done without the stress or trauma of experiencing an existence changing disease such as Alzheimer’s.However for lots of people the impact of forgetting about smoking is no less powerful. Many do not have connection, some a bit and a few have to work a bit harder, but in general your best choice.In the event you looking to learn more about buy smok procolor starter kit in canada, visit our website.