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Student visas could be applied to Australia, USA, UK and Malaysia to pursue higher studies.

List of student visas currently available. For more info: visit Department of Immigration and Border Protection- Find a Visa

  • Independent ELICOS (Subclass 570).
  • Schools (Subclass 571).
  • Vocational Education and Training (Subclass 572).
  • Higher Education (Subclass 573).
  • Postgraduate Research (Subclass 574).
  • Non-award (Subclass 575).
  • Foreign Affairs or Defence (Subclass 576).

GTE (genuine temporary entrant) requirement was introduced on 5th November 2011 to improve the integrity of the student visa program and to discourage the thinking of using the visa as a way to de facto permanent residency of Australia. In order to have a student via granted, applicants must prove they are genuine and intends to stay in Australia temporarily. GTE requirement considers the Ministerial direction 53 when assessing the applications. Following is considered under GTE:

  • the applicant’s circumstances
  • the applicant’s immigration history
  • if the applicant is a minor – the intention of a parent, legal guardian or spouse of the applicant
  • any other relevant matter.

On that note, The GTE requirement is not introduced to shut out the students, who wants to develop the skills and apply for permanent residency.